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  • Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform (MSIE5.0+ for Windows, Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 1.4+/Firefox 0.9+, Opera 9+, Safari 3.0+new!)
  • 100% DHTML, JavaScript and PHP/ASP code 
  • No slow Java applets or ActiveX components, no plugins required
  • No programming skills required
  • Interface is similar to Microsoft Word
  • Edit content in WYSIWYG and source code mode
  • Implemented as a PHP or ASP class - easy to use in your scripts, in your content management system
  • Multiple editors - create as many editors on one page, as you want - size of scripts loaded is the same
  • You can use it in your forms instead of common <TEXTAREA> tags
  • Edit not only parts of html documents, but the whole web pages too!
  • You can change properties of the html page you modify with the editor
  • If user is not using supported browser, <TEXTAREA> tag is shown
  • Work with remote files and remote directory structure
  • Upload local files from your computer (no FTP knowledge required)
  • Active mode - button, pressing on which takes no effect, becomes inactive
  • Simple mode. Restricted number of buttons drawn - usefull for novice users. It is adjustable - you can set up your own simple mode!
  • Fullscreen mode. Editor expands to the whole browser client area
  • XHTML support. Generates source code in XHML 1.0 format
  • Html snippets (custom html code). In the snippet dialog window user can see preview of snippet selected before pasting it in document. Groups of snippets supported
  • CSS skinning (you can modify css files to change editor's layout)
  • You can change reaction of the editor on Enter key press
  • Save button to submit form clicking on the button
  • On-rightclick context menu
  • Multilingual support
  • Preview mode
  • Online help window
  • Settings to manage permissions to upload files, rename, delete, restrict size of files uploaded, etc
  • Settings API 
  • JavaScript API
  • Editable regions support. Some parts of your documents could be marked as editable, the rest of the documents could not be changed by users. Useful eg to prevent modifying page layout. (IE 5.5+)
  • Infomative drop down lists
  • You can re-brand it to offer as a part of your commercial product
  • Multiple folders in file manager
  • Auto-uploading remote files to server. Supports tracking all pasting and drag&drop events to upload automatically, without a special request. new!
  • If you need something else, write us. Most popular features will be added first!


  • Toolbar buttons state corresponds to text formatting in the current cursor position
  • Select paragraph, font type, font size and formatting (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscript and subscript), remove formatting
  • Change foreground and background color of text using color picker
  • Ordered and unordered lists
  • Text alignment
  • Cut, copy and paste text
  • Advanced support for hyperlinks, including targets. Create hyperlinks to files at server; upload files from you computer. Select text or controls to create hyperlinks
  • Full stylesheet support. Create style class definitions inside RE and/or insert links to *.css files!
  • Paste text from Microsoft Word
  • Default stylesheet files. You can set any number of *.css file to be loaded in editor by default. It is useful when you edit parts of html pages, so you do not need include style class definitions in each html text you edit separately to see them in wysiwyg mode
  • Insert special chars
  • Source code highlighting
  • Search&Replace dialog window


  • Advanced support for tables. Insert and edit tables and table cells. Set their border, alignment, cellpadding, cellspacing, bgcolor, background image and more!
  • Insert/delete columns, rows or cells; merge/split cells
  • Right click on table border or inside table cell to edit them
  • Show invisible table borders
  • Insert row/column dialog to add row/column before/after current one


  • Advanced support for images and flash. Insert and edit images/flash, upload new images/flash from your computer, use image/flash at server, set flash properties, image width, height, alt, border and more!
  • Right click on image/flash to edit it
  • Preview local and remote images/flash


  • You can create and edit forms and form elements. Text field, text area, buttons, hidden field, checkbox, radio button and list box elements are supported 
  • Right click inside a form or on a form element to edit them 
  • Show invisible form borders feature

Languages supported

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian 
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Turkish


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