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Rich Calendar

Cross-browser, 100% JavaScript calendar script implementing the appropriate functionality with many advanced options widely extending fields of its applications.

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  • No pop-up windows (some browsers and software installed on user's side do not allow such windows to open)
  • Skinnable (all you need is just one line of code to change calendar layout completely). Skins are fully CSS-based
  • Multilingual (one line of code again to make calendar speaking another language)
  • Language dependent date formats
  • Multiple calendar instances on one page
  • Relative or absolute positioning (allows to embed calendar objects in html document or position them absolutely using flexible horizontal and vertical alignment options). Alignment options supported: left, right, center, top, bottom, adj_right, adj_bottom
  • User-defined behaviour (you can intercept calendar events and handle them according to logic of your application)
  • Could be associated with an element (eg text field) to read/write date from/to (in many cases this allows to minimize amount of code and time necessary to make the calendar working)
  • Pop-up mode (calendar closes on mouse click outside it)
  • Any week days as weekend days
  • Option to choose any week day to start week with
  • Integrated with Smart Grid (Ajax-based table editing tool)


Rich Calendar works in IE, Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox, Opera 9+, and Safari 3.0.


Free. Copyright information must stay intact.
We'd appreciate if you place a direct link to us somewhere on your site.


1. Absolute positioned calendar. No alignment settings. Pop-up mode off

var div_cal1 = document.getElementById("cal1_div");
var div_cal1_pos = RichCalendar.get_obj_pos(div_cal1);
var cal_obj = new RichCalendar();
	cal_obj.auto_close = false;
	cal_obj.user_onchange_handler = cal_on_change_dummy;
	cal_obj.show(div_cal1_pos[0]+20, div_cal1_pos[1]);
// user defined onchange handler
function cal_on_change_dummy(cal, object_code) {
	if (object_code == 'day') {
		alert('Date selected: ' + cal.get_formatted_date());
2. Absolute positioned calendar. Position is calculated based on position of the text field below. Alignment settings - "adj_right-top" (such settings are also possible: "-top" and "adj_right-"!). User defined handlers. Skin 'alt'. User defined date format. Week starts with Tuesday. Time is shown

var cal_obj2 = null;
var format = '%j %M %Y %H:%i';
// show calendar
function show_cal(el) {
	if (cal_obj2) return;
var text_field = document.getElementById("text_field");
	cal_obj2 = new RichCalendar();
	cal_obj2.start_week_day = 2;
	cal_obj2.show_time = true;
	cal_obj2.user_onchange_handler = cal2_on_change;
	cal_obj2.user_onclose_handler = cal2_on_close;
	cal_obj2.user_onautoclose_handler = cal2_on_autoclose;
	cal_obj2.parse_date(text_field.value, format);
	cal_obj2.show_at_element(text_field, "adj_right-top");
// user defined onchange handler
function cal2_on_change(cal, object_code) {
	if (object_code == 'day') {
		document.getElementById("text_field").value = cal.get_formatted_date(format);
		cal_obj2 = null;
// user defined onclose handler (used in pop-up mode - when auto_close is true)
function cal2_on_close(cal) {
	if (window.confirm('Are you sure to close the calendar?')) {
		cal_obj2 = null;
// user defined onautoclose handler
function cal2_on_autoclose(cal) {
	cal_obj2 = null;
3. Relative positioned calendar. Added as a child to a table cell below. Alignment settings - "child". User defined handlers (do not allow to close calendar)
Calendar in the table cell below

var cal3_td = document.getElementById('cal3_td');
var cal_obj3 = new RichCalendar();
	cal_obj3.auto_close = false;
	cal_obj3.user_onchange_handler = cal_on_change_dummy;
	cal_obj3.user_onclose_handler = cal3_on_close;
	cal_obj3.show_at_element(cal3_td, "child");
// user defined onclose handler
function cal3_on_close(cal) {


Please email to re /at/ richarea.com.

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